The most important competition in football is almost around the corner. There are still two berths up for grabs at the World Cup, but with a little more than five months to go until Senegal and the Netherlands kick off the tournament in Doha, it’s time to get out the wall charts (complete calendar can be found here) and write down what we anticipate will occur in Qatar.

Will France become the first team in sixty years to win the FIFA World Cup Championship twice in a row? Will England be able to keep their winning streak at competitions going? Or will everything go apart for the United States national team just as Gregg Berhalter’s squad begins an incredible run to the championship? Let’s find out about our expert predictions on the FIFA 2022:



Inter-Confederation Playoffs

  •         Australia 0, Peru 1
  •         Costa Rica 1, New Zealand 0

Although Australia was successful in their first encounter in Doha, they were unable to excite an uninspired crowd back home and played below expectations in the next week’s match against Peru, who was competing on the largest sports platform on the planet. The inter-confederation playoffs have a low calibre of offensive teams, which is not a huge surprise given that Costa Rica has advanced thus far thanks to their resolute defence. It is successful in its use against New Zealand as well, with Keylor Navas making vital saves at one end and Joel Campbell scoring on a scramble at the other end. At long last, the roster for Qatar 2022 is complete.


Group A Predictions



Matchday 1 picks

  •         Senegal 1, Netherlands 0
  •         Qatar 2, Ecuador 2

Matchday 2 picks

  •         Qatar 0, Senegal 2
  •         Netherlands 2, Ecuador 1

Matchday 3 picks

  •         Ecuador 1, Senegal 1
  •         Netherlands 3, Qatar 0

As the first match of the World Cup in Japan and South Korea gets underway, Senegal goes back in time 20 years with a stunning victory against France. However, this time around, their triumph against the Netherlands comes as no surprise, and they are now poised to take the top place in Group A as a result. Just ahead of an Ecuador squad that scares the bejesus out of the Dutch in the second round of group games, Moises Caicedo shines for a team that seems like it will be a force in 2026. Qatar, on the other hand, does not seem to be bouncing back.


Group B Predictions

2United States111-24

Matchday 1 picks

  •         England 2, Iran 0
  •         United States 1, Wales 1

Matchday 2 picks

  •         Wales 0, Iran 0
  •         England 3, United States 0

Matchday 3 picks

  •         Wales 1, England 1
  •         Iran 0, United States 1

After a resounding victory against the United States on Black Friday, England has already clinched the top place in Group A. An unimpressive performance against another Home Nation — John Stones scoring late to rescue them from losing to Wales — still won’t be enough to dampen the patriotic spirit in that region of the United Kingdom. John Stones However, it is a devastating blow to the aspirations of the Welsh people. Actually, it was Iran’s defence that cost them, as a Christian Pulisic goal in the last round of games propels the U.S. Men’s National Team into the round of 16.


Group C Predictions

4Saudi Arabia012-31

Matchday 1 picks

  •         Argentina 2, Saudi Arabia 0
  •         Mexico 1, Poland 2

Matchday 2 picks

  •         Poland 1, Saudi Arabia 0
  •         Argentina 3, Mexico 1

Matchday 3 picks

  •         Poland 0, Argentina 1
  •         Saudi Arabia 0, Mexico 0

Poland beats Mexico by a solitary goal in the last minute of regulation time at Stadium 974 to clinch second place in Group C. El Tri will not be able to overcome the odds against Argentina and this group will be over after two games. When it comes to Lionel Scaloni’s team, they seem to be champions waiting to happen.


Group D Predictions


Matchday 1 picks

  •         Denmark 2, Tunisia 0
  •         France 3, Peru 0

Matchday 2 picks

  •         Tunisia 1, Peru 2
  •         France 0, Denmark 1

Matchday 3 picks

  •         Peru 0, Denmark 0
  •         Tunisia 0, France 2

Despite France’s wobbling in the loss to Denmark, the tournament’s dark horses, they still managed to beat the two relative minnows. In their last Group D encounter against the Euro 2020 semi-finalists, Peru defies that designation by throwing all they have at them in an attempt to secure an unexpected exit from the group.


Group E Predictions

3Costa Rica021-22

Matchday 1 picks

  •         Germany 2, Japan 0
  •         Spain 0, Costa Rica 0

Matchday 2 picks

  •         Japan 1, Costa Rica 1
  •         Spain 2, Germany 1

Matchday 3 picks

  •         Japan 0, Spain 1
  •         Costa Rica 0, Germany 2

In their opening match with Costa Rica, Spain began poorly and missed several opportunities. For the first time in this tournament, they were able to redeem themselves with a convincing win against Germany, whose players like Kai Havertz and Serge Gnabry appear more and more like they belong together with each game. Group E was always going to be dominated by these two, and Spain will be relieved to escape Belgium in the knockout stages.


Group F Predictions


Matchday 1 picks

  •         Morocco 1, Croatia 1
  •         Belgium 2, Canada 1

Matchday 2 picks

  •         Belgium 2, Morocco 2
  •         Croatia 0, Canada 0

Matchday 3 picks

  •         Croatia 1, Belgium 1
  •         Canada 1, Morocco 0

These are people who thrive on drama. The last round of games will see every team in contention, as the Europeans try to fool the rest of the world. Even though Morocco came back from two goals down to draw with Belgium, they were beaten in the dying moments by a well-drilled Canadian side who had the ideal opportunity to win their first ever World Cup game at the end.


Group G Predictions


Matchday 1 picks

  •         Switzerland 0, Cameroon 1
  •         Brazil 2, Serbia 0

Matchday 2 picks

  •         Cameroon 3, Serbia 2
  •         Brazil 1, Switzerland 0

Matchday 3 picks

  •         Serbia 0, Switzerland 1
  •         Cameroon 1, Brazil 3

When it comes to the World Cup group stage, Brazil does what Brazil does best: they breeze through the competition. At Al Janoub Stadium, Cameroon will face Serbia in the tournament’s deciding game, looking to avenge a 2-1 Round 1 loss to Switzerland. Serbia will play the role of Turkey at Euro 2020. Even though they are a superior squad, they had the misfortune of having to catch up after being pitted against Brazil initially.


Group H Predictions

4South Korea012-21

Matchday 1 picks

  •         Uruguay 2, South Korea 1
  •         Portugal 0, Ghana 0

Matchday 2 picks

  •         South Korea 1, Ghana 1
  •         Portugal 0, Uruguay 2

Matchday 3 picks

  •         Ghana 1, Uruguay 1
  •         South Korea 1, Portugal 2

Portugal’s chances in Group H seem to be over with only a few minutes remaining. Ghana has a two-goal lead against Uruguay, and South Korea is clinging to a one-point lead in their World Cup finale, which means Cristiano Ronaldo’s World Cup is over. In the 88th minute, Uruguay’s Luis Suarez equalises with a last-gasp strike in Al Wakrah. Seconds later, Diogo Jota scores from a corner to send Portugal into the knockout rounds.


Round of 16 Picks

  • Senegal 2, United States 0
  • Argentina 1, France 2
  • Spain 2, Canada 0
  • Brazil 1, Portugal 1 (Brazil win on penalties)
  • England 2, Netherlands 1
  • Denmark 1, Poland 0
  • Belgium 1, Germany 3
  • Uruguay 0, Cameroon 1 (a.e.t.)

The round of 16 matchups between the USMNT and Senegal had been set up to serve as an uncomfortable reminder that Berhalter needed to find a Sadio Mane-calibre attacker and an Edouard Mendy-calibre goalkeeper by 2026. Pedri-inspired Spain seems to be making dominant progress through the field, and Concacaf’s role in the World Cup ends shortly after.

Two Africans made it to the quarterfinals thanks to Vincent Aboubakar’s injury-time goal against Uruguay, which sent the South Americans tumbling out of the tournament. An early Christian Eriksen free-kick gave Kasper Hjullmand’s team a fighting chance against Poland, and they did exactly that.

After that, there were four games featuring heavy hitters. When it came to losing balls, the Germans were on top of their game, while the Dutch were swatted away by Bukayo Saka and Phil Foden out wide. With the score tied at 1-1, Ronaldo scored a late penalty to force a penalty shootout at Stadium 974 and send the match into extra time. Richarlison scored the winner for the Seleço to continue their undefeated streak from 12 yards out at World Cups. Read more about the betting odds for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Ronaldo and Messi’s heyday on the international scene came to an end. The draw had put Argentina in the most difficult match possible, one that would have qualified for the final. In the second half, Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappe scored to keep France’s lacklustre World Cup championship defence alive after Lautaro Martinez had given the Albiceleste the lead in the first half.


Quarter-Final Picks

  • Spain 0, Brazil 1 (a.e.t.)
  • Senegal 1, France 3
  • Germany 1, Cameroon 0
  • England 2, Denmark 0

Senegal scores a consolation goal to boost their spirits, but they are unable to reduce the gap on France, who race out to a commanding lead. While Germany’s matchup with Cameroon is tighter on paper, Hansi Flick’s team still has a commanding lead in terms of possession and possession percentage.

On Dec. 10, Denmark will want to avenge their defeat at Euro 2020, but Harry Kane will be their nemesis once again from the penalty spot as England makes it to consecutive World Cup semi-finals for the first time ever. They’ll have to beat the Germans once again as they did in 1990. Vinicius Junior bursts through the Spain-Brazil deadlock to keep the favourites in the running for a place in the World Cup quarterfinals.


Semi-Final Picks

  • France 2, Brazil 2 (Brazil win on penalties)
  • England 1, Germany 0

France and Brazil battle it out for two hours of high-quality entertainment in which Paris Saint-Germain teammates Kylian Mbappe and Neymar scored in the first half in a legendary match for the stadium that isn’t overselling itself. Marquinhos rises in the 83rd minute to lead the two sides into a tight, tactical half-hour in which both Hugo Lloris and Alisson make crucial interventions for the defending champions Antoine Griezmann was denied at the death by the latter in the shootout.

Tension is no less engrossing in the second half, despite its lower quality. As they did against Italy in Euro 2020, the Three Lions must sit back and try to retain their advantage after an early score from Raheem Sterling. Jordan Pickford and Harry Maguire’s heroics ensure that this time the gamble pays out. Could it finally be coming home after 56 years of suffering?


Third-Place Playoff Pick

  • France 2, Germany 4


Final Pick

  • Brazil 2, England 0

The games leading up to the final act of a big tournament are often more exciting than the ultimate result. Because they’ve had one fewer day of recuperation, England seems depleted following their defensive effort against Germany. With Richarlison scoring twice in the second half to seal Brazil’s sixth global championship, they can no longer hold out. Feeling excited about the predictions? Register and play now at the best FIFA World Cup Betting Sites today!

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