Everyone might have heard of the word Fibonacci at least once or twice, but what exactly is it? Let’s get right into it with the basic concept of the Fibonacci System in roulette.

What is a Roulette Fibonacci System


Let’s say you have a row of numbers, a sequence you could say, and we’ll call it simply, the first sequence. It doesn’t matter what those numbers are, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s start our sequence with 0, and in the following sequence, we have 1. 

Here is where you apply the principle of the Fibonacci Sequence in your roulette gaming. Categorise the last number and the 1 as the current number, and you’ll see why we do so. Next, add the two numbers together, so 0 plus 1 makes a 1, which we will call our new number. 


  • First sequence (0 + 1 = 1)
  • So, the 0 we had in the sequence is invalid, the 1 from before is now the last number, and the sum of two numbers is now our current number. With this information, we can create a second sequence, which repeats and continues. 


  • Second sequence (1+1=2).
  • Once you’ve got this kind of adding sequence down, you can end up with a long string of numbers in a single sequence, kind of like this:
  • (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89……)
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Who Created the Fibonacci Sequence

While many sources are out there proclaiming various things, a main consistency is Leonardo Fibonacci, otherwise known in his time as Leonardo of Pisa.

An Italian mathematician that, around the year 1170 A.D. To distinguish this Leonardo of Pisa from another famous Leonardo of Pisa, historians of the 19th century have given the famous mathematician the nickname “Fibonacci”, meaning the son of the Bonacci clan.

How does it apply to a betting system?

The Roulette Fibonacci Betting system is named after the famous sequence of numbers. And in fact, it’s great for beginners to roulette betting strategies and an excellent strategy for veterans who don’t want to bet too much all in one go.

The principle behind these numbers is that the current bet is the sum of the previous two bets.

Essentially it’s the same as creating the sequence of numbers you just learned, except that we’re applying it in a setting where money and gambling are applied.

In this example, when you’re seated by a roulette table, you can start your bet at RM1; if you lose, the following amount is RM1. Having RM1 + RM1, the third number in the sequence is RM2, which looks like this.

RM1 > RM1 > RM 2 > RM3 > RM5 > RM8 > RM13 > RM21 > RM 34 > RM 55 > RM89> RM144

Using the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, you start your bet as RM1, for example, and for each loss made, you continue the sequence. You move back two spaces from the sequence for every win from this strategy. Another thing to note about this strategy is to bet on even money bets to ensure that losses don’t accumulate too quickly.

Now, you may see a pattern and familiarity with these numbers. It works very similarly to our previous episode’s topic, the Martingale System, where the similar concept of making an increased bet for every bet lost is applied in this system.

  • Example:
  • Your starting bet is RM1, then you make a loss, and your next wager would be RM2, and you continue to make losses until you reach RM8 and end up with a win; then your next bet would be RM3 with an RM3 loss, so far.

Reverse Fibonacci Strategy in Roulette

Some players out there may disagree with the methods and the same system of the Roulette Fibonacci Betting System, so instead of having to make your bet follow the sequence every time you lose, how about we do the complete opposite instead?

Although it is uncommon, applying the principles of the Roulette Fibonacci strategy to work when wins are made instead is completely viable if it fits the player’s strategy and playstyle.

So this is how it works: the rules and sequences are the same as the normal version of the strategy, except that the sequence only continues when you are successful in every bet. 

The fatal flaw to this strategy is that it relies on wins to continue the sequence, you can’t earn big unless you are consistently winning,  but even if you are on a losing streak, it isn’t too bad since you will be losing RM1 every turn if that’s the case. 

The Pros and Cons of Roulette Fibonacci System

Do be warned that no matter how high your probability of winning is, it remains a fact that gambling has always been made to be a game of chance, with the roulette odds being against players. 

And as with every kind of betting system out there, the Fibonacci is not without its flaws, but it has no advantages. Let’s take a detailed look at where the pros and cons of using this system lie. 

Pros of using this system

Winning your Losses back

No matter your losses, you can always win back your money in the next bet if you have the bankroll.

Easy to Learn

If you can understand the basic principle of the Fibonacci sequence, then it will be a cinch for you to apply it to roulette bets.

Consistent Profits

As long as you have the bankroll and luck, you can make small profits here and there without fail. 

50-50 Chance

When the Roulette Fibonacci Betting System is applied in the smallest bets possible, let’s say black or red, it becomes the slowest yet less risky way of earning money bit by bit.

Cons of using this system:

Losing all your money in one go

As with many things in gambling, it’s really about a game of luck. But what if you were to be unlucky while using this strategy? You can very quickly lose all your money from a long losing streak.

Needing a large bankroll

We have been stating you need to have a large bankroll to play it safe, and while that’s true, that is much easier said than done; not everyone out there will have the spending money to stay playing on a roulette table for long periods due to having small bankrolls and only paying off the money they earned.

A lot of back and forth

While we believe that this Roulette Fibonacci strategy has its perks, the one rule of moving back two spaces for every win is a problem. Let’s say again, you are unlucky, but you manage to score a high amount after having a losing streak; if you follow the rules through and through, you don’t start back at RM1. But to move two spaces from where you were, in this sense, if you pick up your losing streak again instead of moving back to RM1, you will lose what you have and still need to make up for it. 

Is the Fibonacci System Profitable

If you follow the rules of the Roulette Fibonacci system, you can very well walk out of the casino as the richest person. As long as there are no limits to your bankroll or betting amount, you could very well bet as high as you want and walk out with more, and of course, if you can make up for the amount you’ve lost. 

It is profitable in the right conditions but also reasonably dangerous to your bankroll if you use it consistently. 


While the system can sound reasonable, that would only be applied if you can have your starting bet at RM1, just like the sequence. But when the sequence starts from a higher number, then it will be fairly risky to play for the long term if you cannot afford to play with the cash that you have. 

Final Tips

As always, it’s best to place these kinds of bets on outside bets, specifically the even money bets. 

It is essential always to have the ability to get up from the table and walk away, regardless if you are on a winning streak or a losing one. Walking away is a vital skill to have as a gambler. 

Lastly, always have the mindset that strategies, methods, or skills do not apply at all when it comes to gambling. It is all about three things, luck, persistence, and of course, a bankroll you can afford. The strategies we give you can work in the right circumstances, but it only helps to give you a chance to win, not a guarantee. 

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