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Mastering Roulette Your Ultimate Guide

One way to interpret the way of life is that everything happens for a reason. But even within reason lies chances that can change a person’s life for better or worse. In that sense, life can be seen as one big game of chance, waiting for you to take the opportunity into your own hands and win big or not. 

The three quintessential things that you need to do well in life are guts, luck, and chance. No matter how high of a goal you want to reach or what predicament you’re in, you will always need these three in life, just like how you need these three things to be successful in a game of Roulette. We are here to guide you forward into a new part of your life using these three key things, and with strategy and a little bit of luck, you will win in roulette.


Basic History of the Roulette

For much of history that’s been recorded before the advanced technology of the modern era, things may be historically inaccurate, but one consistency for where the roulette is that it comes of European origin, coming from the French word roulette – meaning small wheel.


The origins for who invented roulette come from stories of how a mathematician from the 17th century named Blaise Pascal, a French monk, and the Chinese.

Apart from being played by big casinos from the US, casinos these days have been making a comeback by being implemented into the internet, letting players who are experienced or not in roulette get a chance to play the game. Now players can play either European, American, or other variations of roulette from the comfort of their own homes.

The many ways to win a game of roulette depend on the bet you are making; the riskier the bet, the more your payout will be. We are here to guide you through all the game know-how to suit your gambling style.


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The Basics of Roulette

Before understanding the different bets and winning strategies, it would be better to understand how the game operates before anything else. As a recap for veterans or a summary for new players, a roulette game comes with two parts, the roulette wheel and the table where you place your bets.

Roulette Wheel and Table Layout (EP3)


There are two layout styles, and it comes with two types of wheels. One table layout has a single betting layout and has the roulette wheel at one end. And the other has two betting layouts with the roulette wheel in the centre.

When spinning on the roulette wheel, players will encounter either wheel that has a single zero in the wheel, which is European style. The other type of wheel is American style; this wheel comes with a zero and a double zero right across from where the single zero sits.

Depending on which version or style of roulette you are playing, you have either 37 numbers or 38 numbers to bet on; of course, these numbers include the zeros that come in either variation of the game. And here, we will tell you all the different kinds of bets you can make. 

Understanding the Different Bets in Roulette (EP1)


Starting with the lowest form of bets.

  1. Odds or Evens: You can bet on odd numbers or even numbers, where players will place their betting chips on either odd or even numbers. However, the payout of it will be 1 to 1. 
  2. Black or Red: Betting on the red or black coloured boxes will land you a payout of 1 to 1.
  3. High or Low Numbers: Another way to bet for the lowest payout but one of the safest is high or low numbers. Players either bet from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. Betting on these numbers will also land you a payout of 1 to 1. 
  4. Dozens: Starting with bets that will double your earnings are betting on dozens. Players bet on one of the places marked “12” on the table. The range of numbers you can bet on is limited to numbers 1 to 12, 13 to 24, or 25 to 36. Though the amount of betting spaces is reduced, the payout is now 2 to 1. 
  5. Column: Slightly different from a dozens bet, instead of betting on the number directly ranging from 1 to 12, 13 to 24, or 25 to 36, players can bet on the columns of numbers available. These numbers can vary from table to roulette game, but the rules and payout are the same. Bet on any number in the column to win a chance of doubling your income with a 2 to 1-payout.
  6. Line: Line, otherwise known as 6 number bets, is when chips are placed on the sidelines in between the intersection where 2 betting lines are. Though the bet is limited to only 6 numbers, the payout is 5 to 1. 
  7. Square: Some call it corner, quarter, or 4 number bets, but it all works similarly. Players place their chips anywhere atop the table where 4 numbers intersect. The winnings are 8 to 1.
  8. Street/Basket: Also called the 3-number bet, a player places their chips on the outside line of the layout, betting on the three numbers across from the chips. The payoff on any of the three numbers is 11 to 1. 
  9. Split: A split or 2-number bet is when a player places their chip on any line that separates 2 numbers. If the roulette wheel lands on either of these numbers, then the payout ends with a staggering 17 to 1 bet. 
  10. Straight: The straight, the single number, the all-in of roulette. This is the ultimate bet a player can make in a roulette game, placing their bets on a single number atop all other numbers. Of course, this means players can also bet on zeroes and double zeroes, although rare. If a player wins this bet, they will receive a staggering 35 to 1 win.

Roulette Odds and Payouts: (EP2)

To summarize the types of bets, starting from highest to lowest. 

  • Straight: 35 to 1 
  • Split: 17 to 1 
  • Street/Basket: 11 to 1 
  • Square: 8 to 1 
  • Line: 5 to 1 
  • Column: 2 to 1 
  • Dozens: 2 to 1 
  • High or Low: 1 to 1 
  • Black or Red: 1 to 1 
  • Evens or Odds: 1 to 1 


Mastering the Game: Tips and Strategies for Winning: 

Great! Now you’ve gotten through the basics of roulette, you are ready to get into mastering skills, tips and tricks that are in roulette. Now, you may think that a game is all about luck and chance, and by all rights, that does remain true. But the game involves probability, and strategies, making chance almost manipulatable. Has that piqued your interest? Then continue with the article for roulette tips. 

Inside vs. Outside Bets: (EP4)

There are two categories of betting, inside bets and outside bets. 

To keep things short and sweet, inside bets are essentially bets made within the board of the table. With these types of bets, the risk is higher, but the payout is larger. 

Outside bets are placed on the borders of the different categories given on the table.


Inside Bets

  • Column bet
  • Dozens bet 
  • Black or Red bet
  • Odds or Evens bet 
  • Low or High bet

Outside Bets

  • Straight bet 
  • Split bet 
  • Street bet 
  • Corner bet 
  • Line bet 

The Top 10 Roulette Tips for New Players: (EP5)

Learn the Game

For new players, read up on the rules and gimmicks of the game in our article if you haven’t yet. Players can do many different kinds of bets with different payouts that can be earned without really knowing how the game works will leave players at a disadvantage. 

Go for European Roulettes

Regarding whichever variation of roulette players should play, it has to be European Roulette. The difference between European and American Roulette is that American ones have zeroes and a double zero, giving the house a higher chance of winning.

Go for Outside Bets

When you start a game of roulette, and if your budget isn’t high, it’s best not to put all of your budgets into the riskier inside bets unless you have great luck or are looking to score big real quick. Once you get enough winnings from previous successful games, you can either walk away with a small fortune or get rich by putting in more high-stakes bets.

Start Big

Conversely, players can opt for the go big or go home strategy, putting more of their budget into high-risk bets right from the get-go. When we mean start big, we don’t mean it to the point where you rely on and put all your chips into straight bets left, right, and centre. 

Stay Clear of Single Number of Bets

Imagine that every bet you make from a chance of 1 out of 37 could land you 35 times the bet you’ve made. Think of a hundred dollars turning into thousands in a few seconds, and you can walk away with no problem. 

Place Multiple Corner Bets

Not knowing which high-risk bets to take or looking for a new way to place bets while playing a roulette game? One of the safer but more rewarding bets is Corner Bets. 

Don’t Play for the Long Term

Playing for a long time without stopping can be pretty exhausting, whether in sports or gambling in casino games. But it’s not just the exhaustion that could get to players; at the end of the day, a person’s concentration will go down if they keep doing the same thing over and over again for long periods, and that goes the same for playing a game of roulette. 

Know When to Quit

When you play the first round of roulette, you immediately place your bet on a straight and win a large sum of money. Now you can either walk away or continue your gambling spree. There are no rights, wrongs, or judgments in this guide; the only true time we advise to stop gambling is when players gamble on things they can’t afford. 

Take Breaks

An important thing to remember is that the casino isn’t going to go anywhere, whether it’s your local small-time casino, big city casino like the ones from Las Vegas, or even the casino in your very pockets from your favourite online casino website; they are still in the same place and won’t be going anywhere. 

Stick to a Budget

One way to think about gambling is like an investment. When you start gambling, regardless if that’s slots or a game of roulette, always and always keep a budget on you and stick with it. Otherwise, in the long or short run of playing rounds of roulette, there could be losses.


Roulette Strategies For Pro Players: (EP6)

Now with all the rules and tips out of the way, players need some strategies; yes, you’ve heard us right, strategies. With roulette being commonly known as purely a game of chance and luck, that’s all it is on the surface. But with change comes probability, with probability comes math, and with math comes numbers. Numbers that people can understand and see the odds. 

Full disclosure, though, these strategies are not foolproof and do not always guarantee wins; if they did, they would be banned in every casino. No, they’re not the easy way to earn big when spinning the black and red wheel, but they can provide potential profits that can either make you stay in the game longer or let you go home with a small fortune. 

Before getting right into strategies, do know that there are typically two types of strategies when it comes to roulettes. There are Progressive and Non-Progressive types of strategies, and we will give a summary for you here. 


The easier to understand the type of strategies and the non-progressive types. In essence, the non-progressive still has some level of risk, but those risks are much lower than progressive types of strategies.

Basically, non-progressive requires you to bet the same amount every single time, regardless of the outcome. So whether you are on a winning streak or making losses, you continue to make the same wager every time you spin the wheel. 


Progressive can rhyme with aggressive, and that’s exactly what these types of strategies entail. The principle to these strategies is simple: depending on your strategy, you would increase your bet each time on either a loss or a win. 

Though the outcome will likely profit you more than non-progressive strategies, the risk is also higher. Though it may not be suitable for beginners or low rollers, progressive strategies, luck, and restraint can be very profitable in the long run. 

The All In

A little bonus type of strategy before getting into actual strategies that don’t fall under either category. Putting everything down on the table and placing your bet on a single spin of the wheel. The difference between this and a straight bet is that players can make multiple straight bets if they have the chips.

But with the way this strategy works, there really isn’t a strategy but to bet everything on a single chance. However, if players can get this one-time spin to work, the outcome will be immense profits.


Secret Blackjack Winning Systems

D’Alembert Strategy


Great for beginners, easy to learn, and a strategy that goes way back to the 1800s. This strategy follows some simple steps and is considered one of the safer strategies on the list. Getting right to it, the first step that players need to take is to make an even bet, so bets like black or red, even and odds, or high or low numbers, whichever one it is you prefer, works.  The next step is to set an amount of money to act as a unit amount. If you make a loss, you increase the bet by 1 unit. then when you win on the bet, you decrease the next bet by 1 unit.

Yes, you have read that right. Whenever you make a loss, you increase your betting amount. The principle behind this is that if you make a larger bet and win, you can compensate for your accumulated losses.  The risky thing about this strategy is the amount of cash you have. Unless you have a lot to spend, you can’t use this strategy for the long term.  


Let’s say you are using this strategy in a casino. You pick black, and the amount you bet is RM5. The ball lands on red, and you lose. Then for the next bet, the amount you bet is RM10. And so on until you make a win. So continuing, and you are on your third round of losses, you now bet with an RM20 wager, and then you win when the wheel is spun, then you win, making up for most of the losses. 

So with your next wager, it would be RM15, and if you win, not only do you make up for the losses you’ve accumulated, but you earn RM5 back from it all. 

Here’s a visual aid: 

Wager UnitWin / Loss Profit / Loss
RM 5Loss
  • RM5
RM 10Loss
  • RM15
RM 15Loss
  • RM30
RM 20Win 
  • RM10
RM 15Win 
  • RM5

Reverse D’Alembert

So let’s do this in another way. The reason why this strategy is called a reverse D’Alembert is essential because it takes the same elements of the D’Alembert strategy but switches the loss and win roles. This means that whenever you win, you increase your betting unit by 1, and whenever you lose, you decrease that unit by 1. 


You’ve heard about the D’Alembert strategy, and you, as a low-roller player, find it appealing to use, but you don’t like the idea of increasing the bet for every loss made.  You thought about it. By flipping the roles and increasing the betting amount for every win, you start with RM5 next to your friend using the D’Alembert strategy. Once rolled, you win your first round and continue to win up to the third round. Betting the opposite of your friend’s choices who has been on a losing streak. Seeing as though you can still win, you continue to bet, but you make losses and end up back with the same winnings as when you first started RM5.

Wager UnitWin / Loss Profit / Loss
RM 5Win
  • RM5
RM 10Win
  • RM15
RM 15Win
  • RM30
RM 20Loss 
  • RM10
RM 15Loss
  • RM5

The Martingale Strategy: (EP7)


The Martingale strategy is one of roulette games’ most widely used strategies. This strategy is based on recovering losses that have been made. In essence, it’s very similar to the D’Alembert strategy, except the difference is that whatever the minimum bet is, you double your wager for every loss you make. And when you win, you lower the wager back to the lowest wager. 

Note that though this strategy has no limits to which types of bets you can make, to truly use this strategy is to use it on even money bets like black or red or odds and evens. And that’s it for how this roulette strategy works, though a bit of warning, it isn’t a guarantee that you will always win if you follow through with this strategy to a tee, then you could end up doubling up your wager if you are in a losing streak, making major losses. 

Reverse Martingale

On the opposite side of Martingale, similarly to how there’s an opposite spectrum to D’Alembert strategy players, the principle of doubling the amount for your bet when you are already making losses can seem risky. To lower losses, players can go for the reverse Martingale, only doubling their wager whenever they win, and whenever a loss happens, the wager stays the same. 

Though this strategy sounds more appealing when put in that way, Martingale and its reverse counterpart have the same chances of winning and losing when putting on even money bets.

The Paroli Strategy


To some experienced players, you may be confused why the Paroli strategy is here when the reverse Martingale has already been explained. Some say Paroli is another name for the Reverse Martingale, but here we see Paroli as its roulette strategy as it has an additional rule similar to the Reverse Martingale. 

The rules are essentially the same: the betting amount doubles for every win, but you only repeat this three consecutive times. Let’s say you bet RM5 for the first round. Then you win; for the next round, bet RM10 and win again. Double the bet to RM20 and win. Then you bet RM40 and lose. So what happens? You stop doubting, return to betting with RM5 and repeat the cycle. 

Fibonacci Numbers Strategy (EP8)


Named after the famous sequence of numbers, it’s great for beginners to betting strategies and a great strategy for veterans who don’t want to bet too much all at once. The principle behind these numbers is that the current bet is the sum of the previous two bets. 

So let’s say your bet starts at RM1, then the next amount is RM1. Having RM1 + RM1, the third number in the sequence is RM2; the sequence looks something like this. 

1 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 5 > 8 > 13 > 21 > 34 > 55 > 89 > 144

Using the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, you start your bet as RM1, for example, and for each loss made, you continue the sequence. You move back two spaces from the sequence for every win from this strategy. Another thing to note about this strategy is to bet on even money bets to ensure that losses don’t accumulate too quickly.


10 Rounds of Using the Fibonacci System on Even Bets
Bet (RM)1123523523
OutcomeLoss (-1)Loss (-1)Loss (-2)Loss (-3)Win (+10)Loss (-2)Loss (-3)Win (+10)Loss (-2)Win (+6)
Balance (RM)-1-2-4-731-28612

Your starting bet is RM1, then you make a loss, and your next wager would be RM2, and you continue to make losses until you reach RM8 and end up with a win; then your next bet would be RM3 with an RM3 loss, so far. To put it in simpler words, If you win, move back 2 numbers. If you lose, move forward with 1 number.

Reverse Fibonacci Strategy

Though uncommon, applying the principles of the Fibonacci strategy to work when wins are made instead is completely viable if it fits the player’s strategy. 

So this is how it works: the rules and sequences are the same as the normal version of the strategy, except that the sequence only continues when you are successful in every bet. The flaw to this strategy is that it relies on wins to continue the sequence, but even if you are on a losing streak, it isn’t too bad since you will lose RM1 every turn if that’s the case. 

Andrucci Strategy


Simple rules, using chaos theory that can end with a high payout but come with even higher risks, that’s essentially what this strategy is all about. 

To start, you bet 30 to 37 times on any even bets, be it black or red, odds or evens, or high and low numbers; the goal isn’t to earn a big sum right away, but it is to record down instead what’s the most “popular” number, meaning what number showed up the most through those 30 to 37 intervals. For whichever numbers are the most popular, you bet straight bets on those numbers 30 to 37 times.

Labouchere Strategy: (EP9)


The Labouchere strategy, Cancellation System, or the Split Martingale System is like making a sequence of wins of smaller amounts based on the full amount you want to win and placing them on even money bets to start earning. Confused? Let us explain to you if this strategy piqued your interest.

So let’s say you aim to earn RM100 from the roulette table; grab a pen and paper, and write down this sequence of numbers: 1, 2, 4, 1, 2. When added up, it totals to 10, the set goal for how much you want to earn; this is the first step, having a realistic number that you want to earn and splitting it into smaller random numbers; this sequence is just an example so feel free to split the numbers however you want. 

The next step is to add the sum of the furthest left and the furthest right numbers together; that will be your bet for the first round. So this round, you will bet RM30 on any even bet, be it black or red, high or low, odds or evens, whichever you prefer. The next step is determined by whether or not you make a win or loss; when you land on a win from the wheel, you cross out the furthest left and right numbers and follow the previous step of combining the current furthest left and right amounts. In this case, the second round is also a bet of RM30. 

However, on a loss, you don’t cross off any numbers but instead add the amount you’ve lost to the furthest right of the sequence. If followed correctly, your sequence should now be 1, 2, 4, 1, 2, 3. Then you repeat the previous step and continue with your next bet being RM40. 

To break it down

  1. Pick a realistic number you want to earn. For example, RM 100
  2. Create a sequence of random numbers that add up to your goal amount. 
    1. The sequence is 3, 2, 1, 2, 2.
  3. Sum up the sequence’s furthest right and furthest left numbers, and bet with that amount on an even money bet, like odds or evens. 
    1. In this case, bet RM50.
  4. This next step varies depending on whether you win or lose the bet. 
    1. On a win, cross off the list’s furthest left and right numbers, then repeat step 3 with the next furthest left and right numbers. In this case, 2 and 2, so bet with RM40 in the next round. 
    2. On a loss, you do not cross off any numbers but instead put the betting amount to the furthest right of the sequence. In this case, put RM50, then repeat step 3. Now the furthest right number is RM50, and the furthest left is RM30, so for the next round, bet RM80.


Online Roulette: Tips and Strategies for Winning

The History of Online Roulette: (EP13)

Before diving straight into online roulette, let’s give a bit of history here. Even as recent as the early 20th century, casinos were still not widespread, and there are two notable places you could play Monte Carlo with the single zero version of roulette. And the other being, of course, none other than the gambling city of Las Vegas, with the American double zero version of roulette. From then on, during the 1970s, the popularity of casinos took off and began to make waves globally. 

But the real casino boom happened when it spread into the internet; as recent generations passed and technology advanced rapidly, it was only a matter of time before the internet housed roulettes and casinos alike. Especially with the new waves of technology, there are now many variations of roulettes that could never be possible, let alone be played practically without the help of tech. 

Roulette Variations: (EP11)

Today’s technology paves a new wave of games and even more variations over the internet. We will list some of the online roulettes you may encounter, whether you are new at gambling or a veteran trying to see the newest kinds of casino games nowadays. 

To not get too crazy with the types of online roulettes out there, we will provide a comprehensive list of basic and easy-to-adjust roulettes for your convenience. 

European Online Roulette


Whether online or on an actual spinning wheel, the classic European style of Roulette is an all-time favourite even today. Many online casino game developers have slight variations of this online roulette, but it essentially works like its brick-and-mortar casino counterpart. 

To recap, the European roulette has a wheel and a table. The wheel contains 37 pockets that have been numbered, players must make a bet on any of those numbers to play, and depending on the type of bet you make, you can either earn some winnings or make losses. 

American Online Roulette


Not only does the internet provide classic European roulette in digital form, but it also provides its classic rivalling roulette, American-style roulette. Essentially, the American variation has an added double zero on top of the zero already in the wheel. And, of course, with this type of roulette comes the unique and exclusive 5-number bet, where players bet on the numbers 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3. 

The layout is similar to the European variant, with a wheel and a table with numbers, apart from the double zero. It’s a classic and a way to ease into playing roulette games for newcomers. 

Roulette Royale Online


Getting into the interesting changes that come with online roulettes, roulette royale combines the classic European roulette style with a life-changing jackpot that could fill your pockets full and walk away with a fortune. Before you hit that search bar and log into any online casino with this roulette style, know immediately that getting the jackpot is no easy feat in roulette royale.  To achieve this jackpot, the same number has to be spun 5 times in a row, making the odds of getting a jackpot the same as getting 5 straights in a row with the same number 5 times. 

Multi Wheel Roulette


Waiting for the spin on the wheel to stop on whichever roulette you are on, but you want to have another go right away with another wheel to see if you can get lucky? Then Multi Wheel Roulette may be your type of game. As the game suggests, you have multiple wheels that you can spin; players that play this kind of roulette can spin 6 to 8 wheels simultaneously. 

Double Ball Roulette


More of an additional function than its kind of roulette, the double ball in online roulettes refers to a second ball being played in the wheel. The second ball can be bet on either the European or American roulettes. The highlight of the double ball, though the chance is small, if you bet that both balls will land on the same number, you can win a 1,300 to 1 payout.

How to Win at Online Roulette: (EP10)

There is no surefire way to win at roulettes, whether online or a real-life roulette. Otherwise, there would not be a real alternative strategy or point for a game of chance to be rigged to be won every single time. But fret not; here are some steps you can do as a player to better your chances of winning. 

  1. Learn your play style.
    Are you a high roller, going all out with your bankroll and potentially losing everything immediately, or are you a low roller? Take your time, and slowly make a potential earning. Whichever or whatever else your playstyle may be, is important for the next step.
  2. Learning roulette strategies.
    In the guide above, we have listed some useful strategies that may help improve your chances of winning roulette. Though not guaranteed, there is surely a strategy in our guide for every type of player out there. 
  3. Step back from the game now and then.
    Though in this article, we encourage having fun and being entertained by games, we also encourage players to play in moderation and for players to take care of themselves instead of being detached from reality by being too into the game for long periods. This includes having the will to walk away, regardless of whether a win or loss is made. 

How to Spot a Roulette Scam: (EP12)

With many things on the internet over the years and many more years to come, scams are as abundant as they are scary. Your private information and data can be leaked and threatened by being tricked into a scam. 

However, we are here to guide you with simple steps to avoid these scams. 

A) Avoid Suspicious Online Casino Ads

Not every advertisement on the internet intends to sell what’s being advertised, but instead, to steal your data should you fall for any of their scams. One is fake ads that could appear on your screen while scrolling through a website. 

B) Research

If it’s a website you are interested in making an account with, check for its background, credibility, trustworthiness, etc. And even when there are reviews that may claim that the website is safe, check it for yourself if there is anything suspicious to ensure your safety. 

C) Communication 

Trying to contact the online casino, but they give fast responses by filling in your information and keep pressing on it? Or are they contacting you instead to tell them sensitive and private information? Both and more of those types of talks are red flags, so do be wary that legitimate online casinos will not ask for such things.



You’ve made it to the end; thank you very much for your time reading our article. You now know the basics, even roulette strategies, and maybe even a little history about the game.

One last thing before you go. Although the thrill of chance and adrenaline of losing it all is a very exciting sensation to players, do take care of your health first and foremost, and when you’re ready to challenge another round of roulette, take your time to read this article again for the tips if you need and spin the wheel. 


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