A brief history of the origins of this system and who invented it. One popular belief is that French math mathematicians created the Roulette Martingale System in the 18th century. But this particular strategy is said to have caught on when casino owner John. H Martindale often went around his casino to encourage players to double their betting amount whenever they made a loss. 

“If you lose, double it.” 

That’s the kind of strategy that the Martingale System employs, it’s simple and straightforward. As for whether it is effective? Come and read through this detailed article to find out. 

Understanding the Martingale System


In today’s times, the roulette martingale strategy is one of the most widely used strategies in roulette games, amongst other betting strategies. 

The main feature of this strategy is that it’s based on the concept of recovering losses that have been made. In its essence, there is quite a similarity to the D’Alembert strategy, except the difference here is that whatever the minimum bet is, you double your next wager for every loss you make. And when you win, you lower the wager back to the lowest wager. 

Be warned that although this strategy has no limits to which types of bets you can make, it truly is to use it on even money bets like black or red or odds and evens. Making any straight bets or inside bets are allowed too, but betting on those will give you lesser chances of winning back your money.

And that’s it for how this roulette strategy works, though a bit of warning, it isn’t a guarantee that you will always win if you follow through with this strategy to a tee, then you could end up doubling up your wager if you are in a losing streak, making major losses. 

Example of a Martingale System Bet

There are two ways of interpreting the roulette martingale system, both being the same outcomes. 

In a real-life example, you are seated by a roulette table and ready to place your bets in roulette. For the sake of simplicity, let’s say you are betting with RM5 of cash or in chips, and you’ve placed your bets on red in hopes that the ball lands in the right coloured pocket, but it lands on black. To win the money back and even make a profit, you double down and bet on red with RM10 instead, and miraculously you win the bet, making up for your losses and earning some extra cash. 

Another way to see the roulette martingale system in its main principle is to look at it like it’s a game of heads or tails, but for every loss you make, you double it. A coin toss of heads or tails can be compared to a roulette game because the martingale system works best when it’s used on even money bets like red or black, high or low, or odds and evens. 

Advantages of the Martingale System

  • Easy to remember and use.
  • Large Potential Winnings.
  • Very easy concept to apply in either sports betting or casinos.
  • It stops you from losing tons of money in one go.
  • It can help you easily with a winning streak if you’re lucky.

Disadvantages of the Martingale System

  • On the opposite end, it’s easy to make losses.
  • You will need a large sum of cash if you continue to lose.
  • If there is a betting limit, then the roulette martingale system is limited to how high the bet can go.
  • If you intend only to do even money games, these can be very hard to come by in casinos or sports betting. 
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Variations of Martingale System

Now that you’ve learned about the basics of the Martingale system let’s get more into it by discussing the different variations players might be interested in. Many players use the martingale system because it can help them win back the money they’ve lost, but that’s only applied if they continue to lose. 

Some players don’t feel like doubling their money for every loss. If you are the type of player to be conservative with your bankroll and doesn’t like doubling your money for every loss, then the following systems will be to your liking. 

Reverse Martingale

Let’s briefly look into reversing the martingale system, but what do we mean by reversing the system? So let’s take the very principle of the martingale system, a player that loses on their bet doubles the amount that they bet with and continues to double the bet until they win to make up for all and any losses they’ve made along the way. 

However, some players may feel confused, sceptical, or otherwise, questioning why doubling the bet when a player is already losing, and wouldn’t that player lose more if they keep using the system but lose constantly? By reversing the strategy, the basic premise is that you are doubling your bets for every win you make instead of every loss. 

So, for example, If you bet again, RM5 on the roulette table, then you win, you double your betting amount, and this round, you are betting RM10 instead. But only this round do you lose, so following roulette martingale rules, you start back at RM5. Although this is the reverse side of the Martingale system, the odds in roulette don’t change. In a way, if you continue to bet on only even money bets, then there will be no change in the probability that you could land on either red or black. 

The only way for your chance of landing on either black or red depends entirely on whether you decide to play on an American or European roulette table.

The Paroli Strategy


Some experienced players may be confused after reading the name of this next strategy, the Paroli Strategy. Some players will say Paroli is only another name for the Reverse Roulette Martingale Strategy. Still, here we see Paroli as its roulette strategy similar to the Reverse Martingale, only this strategy has an additional rule on top of it all. 

The rules are essentially the same: the betting amount doubles for every win, but you only repeat this three consecutive times. Let’s say you bet RM4 for the first round, and then you win, then for the next round, you bet RM8 and win again, and then you bet RM16 and lose. So what happens? You stop doubling, return to betting with RM4, and repeat the cycle.

Users of roulette martingale or reverse martingale will find strategy very appealing for those who dislike continuously doubling your bet indefinitely on either strategy. 

Either by losing repeatedly, doubling your bet or continuing to do so until you reach the end of your losing streak from having no more betting money. Or by losing it all after having a high win streak and doubling your bet after every win, just to lose once, and you will have to start from scratch. 

Using the Paroli Strategy helps mitigate both strategies, even if it’s just a little bit. The main point of this strategy is to put a doorstop on making too big of a loss at a time. 

Is The System Profitable?

Having successful results from the Martingale System isn’t always guaranteed. If anything, there is always the chance to lose, no matter what strategies or systems are used. 

Whether it is considered to be profitable is up for debate. As all it comes down to is a simple spin of the roulette wheel and hoping you land on the coin toss of a chance and win. On the one hand, you can keep on with a winning streak, and another is to be on a losing one or only make up for the amount that you lose. 

However, don’t be discouraged; having a large sum saved increases your odds of playing with this strategy for the long term. It’s one thing to have enough money to make up for the losses you’ve made, but if you can manage to have both luck and a large sum of cash on hand, this system is quite profitable compared to most systems. 


The simplicity and the odds of winning are 50-50, making it a no-brainer as to why this system has been popular since its first inception in the 18th century until today, even with modern-day casinos. There are different and more efficient variations to the martingale system, but it is undoubtedly an iconic way to earn some quick money on the roulette table. 

Peter Sears

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