A version of the popular 4D lottery game is available in Malaysia via Magnum 4D. Despite the fact that the game’s rules are simple and there aren’t many differences from other 4D games, this one is worth investigating.

As of now, Magnum 4D is Malaysia’s biggest lotto operator. As far as opportunities go, it is the safest and most trustworthy one. The Magnum 4D was founded in 1969, and its primary goal was to popularise 4D and its numerous variations.

The lottery outlets are now available in 650 locations and include six more games in addition to the flagship 4D. It’s possible to try out the 4D Jackpot and other classic lotteries in the Magnum portfolio if you’d like a little more diversity. If you are looking for a Chinese version, please check out 马来西亚Magnum 4D和Toto 4D的赔率.


Magnum 4D Malaysia Rules

There is no need to worry about how to play Magnum 4D since it follows the same rules as other numerical lotteries.

You must choose a four-digit number between 0000 and 9999 to have a chance of winning a reward. Each game has a one-ringgit minimum stake, but you may risk more if you want to increase your chances of success. I-Perm and Roll are two options that may be used in addition to the usual gameplay.

I-Perm Betting

I-Permutation is referred to as “I-Perm.” You must choose the number of possible permutations that interest you. There might be anything from four to twenty-four of them. In the simplest case, just one of the numbers you choose will be changed to provide four distinct outcomes. For example, if you choose 4445, the other three permutations are 5444, 4544, and 4455. RM1 per set is the very least you’ll need to invest in this situation. It will cost RM4 to buy a four-permutation set, but a 24-permutation set would cost RM24.

Roll Betting

The range of possible outcomes for a roll bet is from 1 to 4. For roll 1, the player picks three numbers from 0 to 9 and the first one is a random selection from 0 to 9 as well. The four numbers on a roll 4 range from 0 to 9. Roll one requires a wager of at least RM10 to be placed.

Small Betting vs Big Betting

In 4D, there are two sorts of bets that may be made: small and big. For those of you who are unaware, placing a “Small bet” indicates that you are wagering that your number will come in one of the top three positions, winning either the first prize (RM3,500), the second prize (RM2,000), or the third prize (RM1,000). 

When you place a Big bet, it implies that you are wagering that your chosen number will be one of the 23 numbers that are drawn and awarded a reward. These prizes include the following: the First prize (RM 2,500), the Second prize (RM 1,000), and the Third prize (RM 500), as well as the 10 Special prizes (RM 180) and the 10 Consolation prizes (RM 60).


Magnum 4D Prize Structure

The awards will obviously be influenced if a player chooses to place a large or little stake. Below is a table for your better understanding of the prize structure in Magnum 4D based on an RM1 bet.

Prize CategoryBig Bet (RM)Small Bet (RM)
10 Special180N/A
10 Consolation Prizes60N/A


With the little bit, you get higher rewards, but there aren’t any smaller prizes available. As a result, the lower the number of awards, the greater the potential reward. Big bets are necessary if you want to boost your chances of winning anything from it in Malaysia.

Maximize the wager or use permutation/roll tickets to increase your winnings in Magnum 4D Malaysia. To enhance your chances of winning several rewards, you should choose the I-Perm or Roll.


What Should I Do If I Won Magnum 4D?

Prizes are paid out the following day after the drawing. In addition to the headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, claims may also be submitted at the approved retail locations of the company. Winners have 180 days from the date of the drawing to make a claim for a prize. If the money isn’t redeemed by the deadline, it will be deposited into a Ministry of Finance fund instead.

Personal income tax does not apply to lottery winnings in Malaysia. The promised prize money is exactly what the participant will get. Verify your 4D winnings by checking the final results. Attend the live drawing or check out the Magnum 4D Malaysia website for more information. You may also use this site to look for the most recent 4D results.


Interesting Facts about Magnum 4D

There are three Magnum 4D sketching sessions every week: on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. In Kuala Lumpur, at Magnum 4D headquarters, members of the public are welcome. Tickets must be purchased before 7 p.m. on the day of the drawing in order to be eligible for the next drawing.

According to Malaysian law, players must be 21 years old or older in order to purchase tickets.

There is currently no way to purchase Magnum 4D tickets online. Only results may be tracked using the app. Magnum 4D Malaysia games are not supported by international online lottery agencies. Foreigners who wish to try their luck in Malaysia must first be in the country to purchase their tickets.

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